Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wow it's been a year!!!

Hey there well lots has happened in a year. Not sure anyone reads this anymore since I have not posted in so long. Well since last year, I bought a house, met a fantastic woman named Saydie and her daughter Nadia, been to Hawaii, became Uncle Davey again (Seth and Susan had baby Claire), Boise St had another great year, turned 31, had a case of vertigo (I don't wish that on anyone), became Uncle Davey again (TT and Sheri had their third child Albany) , just celebrated one year of dating Saydie, and just completed my first major landscaping project at my house. There might be some other things in there but that is the just of it for now. But all is well here in Boise, just trying to stay busy with work. Still working at the dental lab, so all you who need work, have your crowns sent to me to keep me busy. I promise they will be the best crowns ever. Anyhow enough self promotion.
My house...mi casa es su casa

Saydie, Nadia, and myself up in Garden Valley. Quite a lovely place.

Boise St game

Christmas at the Annual Blaisdell party

May 2010

Saydie and I met will I was riding my bike around my new neighborhood, and I noticed a very attractive woman washing her car in her driveway just around the corner from my house and I decided to say hello. I mentioned I was new to the hood and my name was Dave....and wow a year later we have been dating. She is a great chef, and cooks amazing and tastey food (even taught me how to make a few things, I make killer guac), a talented landscaper (her property is the best landscaped property in the all the townhouses on our street), and hard worker, and I love her very much. She works for a real estate company doing accounting in property management. She is a summer girl and is not a fan of the cold. Which is kinda funny because I love the winter for carving down the mountain. But we got through the cold and have been enjoying the weather. She has an amazing little girl named Nadia and she is a smart litttle 6 year old. We ride bikes, go shopping, and play the nintendo ds. These girls are awesome and I love em.

This is my cousin Brett and I kickin it on the USS Missouri in October.

This picture is of Saydie and I at 2am finishing up my front walkway that we landscaped. Me being a rookie at this home improvement project thing, I did not take a before picture, so let me tell looked pretty boring, but love what we did to it! It was awesome we busted out the spot light to finish up and had to run to Walmart at 1:30 to get three more solar lights for the walkway. (FYI there are some interesting people at Walmart in the middle of the night, anyone who has not gone, should.) She inspired me to get this done and helped out so much. Could not have done it without her help. Now looking to see what I want to do next. Thanks Saydie!!!

Another 2am picture it was so great to finish that thing. it is great.

Picture of finished project this afternoon. HGTV is calling me now....
So I will try try try to keep this thing updated. Hope you are all well. Laters

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hello there. Well here is the link to the new site. Hope you all like...Please let me know what I could do to make it better.

Monday, March 23, 2009

guatemala 2009 video is here!!!! check it out.

just finished this yesterday. this one was a tough one to make. i seemed like i took more video than pictures on this trip. so editing 45 minutes of rough video, to 3 and half minutes took some time. i wanted to add more, so i might make another one. hope you all like it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

good ol' guatemala. this place was really cool, except for a few incidents. camera equipment getting stolen, and oh yeah getting a gun pointed at us during a hold up for our stupid cell phones, yeah the cell phones we didn't have on us. rick took one for the team and gave up his wallet with a drivers licence, amex card, and twenty bucks. so thanks rick for saving us. i hope that guy that pointed that gun at us has shot himself in the leg, hit an artery and couldn't get to the hospital. other than that it was great driving all over the country in a sweet minivan. thanks for driving stan. since the last post we went to a market in chichi and they had everything and anything one would want to purchase. i found a lovely machette. it is great. then we headed to tikal to the mayan ruins. it was cool to hike up them. watched the sunset from atop temple 4. it was great. i am was so thankful to be back in the states. i need a trip like this every couple years to realize how lucky we are to live where we do. but don't think i will make it back to guatemala. to many other places to visit. so.....i will try to update this again soon. cheers

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

still in pana...

hello. well we are still here in pana. took a boat ride to indian village called santiago. then to another small lake town. this place reminds me of a central american lake como. it is hot here. we played soccer with some local kids for about an hour this afternoon. it was four gringos against what started out to be 9 or so 6-8 year olds, then word got out in a matter of minutes, that 9 or so turned into about 20 little kids playing agianst us. it was so much fun. now just waiting to go to dinner and then do some shopping. tomorrow we leave here and head to chici to where there is a huge market. we will do that for a couple hours and then back to guatemala city. play some bingo and blackjack, then off to tikal on friday morning. the weather has been great, hopefully stays that way. sorry tom that you haven{t been able to golf yet. enjoy the rain!!! not sure when i will get to this again. so adios for now.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


well we are now at lake atilian in a place called pana. we spent a most enjoyable time at the beach yesterday for my birthday. dont have pics up yet, but it was 90 degrees and clear blue skies. our rooms were right on the beach. took a morning swim before we left. had bananas foster for my birthday cake. rick nielson tried to find a pinata for me to break, but couldnt find on. (the keyboards here are different so if my punctuation is wrong forgive me). i have taken so many pictures it will take forever to go through. the car rides around the country have been great. it is great to just look out and enjoy the scenery. the people here are really nice, except for our first day when the camera stuff got stolen. so a couple of volcanos fuming. those things are massive! for dinner tonight i had the best filet, bacon on it, it was great. and all for 12 bucks! we will go there tomorrow for dinner. lots planned for the next day or so, going on a lake tour to some villages of the native indians. i am sure lots of pics. well i am going to go back to the hotel and read my book, and just relax. i am picking up more and more spanish phrases. i am getting the rosetta stone when i get home and going to learn spanish. hopefully come back to central or south america and be able to get around fine. good night.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

what a busy few days....

well made it here safely. long day of travel. mexico city airport sucks. got hasseled by policia. but made it to guatemala city. when we got here we just headed out to see the city. played bingo at a casino, got good at my spanish numbers as the night went on. blackjack tables were here but the limits were a bit high. anyhow got to antigua, the former capital of guatemala, started out crappy. one of our friends got 4000, yes four grand in camera equiptment stolen right from under us in a burger king. we didn´t even see them take it. so that dampered the mood. we have all been a bit on edge. we head to the beach in the morning. we rented cars and they drive like crazies here but we just go with the flow. but looking forward to the beach, my birthday is tomorrow, so i will be spending it on a beach here. it will be great. have taken tons of pics. hopefully get some up here soon. it is nice and warm here, love it. hope all is well with you guys. until next time...

Friday, February 27, 2009

Viva Guatemala!!

it is finally here. just about to leave to the airport. it is like christmas day. had a tough time sleeping last night, but i should have plenty of time to sleep today. we leave a 8:45am and get to guatemala city at 11pm tonight. got a couple books, my ipod, i think i am set. strange to be going on this trip without my parents. they have been my travel buddies all these years, especially the last 4 years. i really have enjoyed their company. dad i guess we will have to start planning next years adventure! i will try to update this thing while i am gone. not sure when i will have access to a computer, but will try to get some pics up and let you all know how it is. talk to you all when i get back.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

only three more days!!

hello everyone. well just wanted to say hello. things are good in good ol' idaho. the last few weeks have been busy. i have been non stop and i am ready for a break. two weekends ago i went to sun valley with the family. had a great time, went boarding with dad and seth. this last weekend was in utah visiting the cousins down there and hit up snowbasin on saturday. it was amazing. best day of boarding in long time. and finally this this weekend head out to central america and to experience guatemala with friends for 9 days or so. not sure if i will get to post anything from there. but will try. well i am out for now.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a new post for a new friend...

hello you all! i know, i know, i told myself that i would get better at writing on this thing in 2009. so it is already february and time is flying by. next month i will be turning....25. yes that sounds good, but once some of you read this i know you will be blowing up my phone reminding me how old i really will be. 30. i said it. but i don't feel it though, i feel like a really mature 25 year old. i will be celebrating the big day in guatemala with some friends, didn't really plan on that happening, just worked out that way. i can't wait though. i want to leave right now. i checked a bit ago and it was 76 degrees there. better than the 30 degrees it is right now outside. now i am just blabbing on. hope all is well, sorry to those i have not gotten back to in a while, i will try my best. i guess it is time to end this post. i would like to thank alex for her hinting, or telling me to update this thing. cheers.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

it has been a while!

well haven't been on here at all since may. wow i can't believe how fast time goes by. was looking through my pictures and found these from our trip to mccall, i think in august or september. macey and i were making faces at the camera. she is the cutest! same ol' same ol' around here nothing new. football season is coming to an end in a couple weeks. so sad. but snowboarding season is almost here, so i guess it is alright. i will try to update this more regularly. ciao!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the new video

well spent all weekend finishing this up. hope you like it. talk to you all soon.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a video trailer of what is to come

hey everyone. spent the evening figuring out how to use this macbook to do some video editing and put together a short video of our trip to europe. the longer version is going to take a while to finish, but hopefully in a month or so i will have it done. anyhow let me know what you think. have a good night. it is also on youtube along with my other videos. here are the links if you want to check them out.

Monday, May 12, 2008

back home

hey there. well made it home saturday night. still a bit jet lagged, but hopefully get over that soon. it was good to get back to work, and get back into my routine. my apartment is a disaster haven't really unpacked yet, i am going to get to it tomorrow. i took so many pictures and tons of video on this trip. the fun starts now picking out favorite pictures and editing the video that i have on my computer. i will post it as soon as i get it done. well off to bed. night

Thursday, May 8, 2008

i love the swiss....

                                the windmills of mykonos
                                    the library of ephasis in trukey
         my donkey and i enjoying the switchbacks of santorini
       my cousin brett, our friend luis, and i kicking it in mykonos
                                                building in santorini
hello all. in the land of high priced time pieces, banks with so much money in them they don't know what do with it all, lambos, ferraris, bentleys, jags, maseratis are all over the place. haven't tried the chocolete yet, that is today. well i got cut off the internet so i had a ton written, but don't want to retype. had a blast on the cruise, we got to zurich yesterday afternoon from venice. met so many people from all over the world, and hope to see some of them in the future. america is the best country hands down, here is why...
-we got charged 70 us dollars in istanbul for 3 liters of coke
-before we could get our tickets in venice to leave for zurich, it cost 100 us dollars because our bags weighed more than the limit, but in america we would have been under the limit
-last night i paid 12 dollars for a big mac meal
there were other things, just want back home. the euro is crazy, everything is just so expensive.
anyhow we are about to head out for the day. here are some pics.